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My shift ends in 30 minutes and I’m super exhausted.
I walked the mile-plus to the cancer center for my radiation session at 7am and had a good session with no incident. This last week of treatment has so sister of a ‘boost’ where they only target the area in my breast where the surgeon removed cancer cells.
I walked back home, felt energized throughout, took a shower and after curled back in bed for about an hour before I had to log into work.

I got up 20 minutes before log in time and went to the kitchen to make breakfast for my home/online schooled child and myself. My two public school children had been in school about 1.5 hours by then. We had breakfast, I went over the assignments my child had to complete that morning and told him I’d monitor his computer usage to make sure he doesn’t sneak in any Netflix time while on school time. Then I went back to my bedroom/office to begin my 8-hour shift.
It didn’t take long for me to wish I was back in bed. One hour after my shift began, some

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