Quite the week

I missed one radiation session this week, had a traumatic session the following day and boy, am I glad I only have one more full week of radiation left.
Session 11/20 on Monday, went wrong. I was at the cancer center on time as always but ended up waiting 20 minutes before I realized something was wrong. I don’t normally wait more than 10 minutes.

I hated that I had to ask before I was told there was an equipment malfunction. They were going to see if there was another machine they could put me on but that plan didn’t work so after 40 minutes, I had to leave. My kids had to get to school and I had to get to work. Additionally, the radiation oncologist said it was ok to have 3 days off.
The following day, I went in as normal, was called to the back, loaded onto the machine, then… nothing.
I took my usual prone position on the padded, but nevertheless, hard table, with my left boob hanging through a cutout they designed on the table, ready to be radiated. The technicians pushed and pulled on the half-folded sheets I laid on, adjusting my body into impossibly uncomfortable positions. One of the sheets is always at my hips, the other by my arms and shoulders. The technicians went to their stations and the machine began whirring, ready to administer it’s, hopefully, cancer killing rays.

Then, suddenly, the machine stopped.
The technicians came over to where I laid then tugged, pulled, pushed and adjusted my body. Totally uncomfortable, I convinced myself it was only be 15 minutes as usual and I would get comfortable again. But this whole process lasted over 40 minutes.

The technicians could not get the machine calibrated right not matter how much they pushed and pulled me into uncomfortable positions.

It worked this time and 20 minutes later I walked out of the cancer center, upset and just wishing I could spend the day in bed. But I had kids to take to school, another kid taking online classes at home to supervise and attend to my 8 hours of regular work. The day was a bust but thankfully, the remaining 3 weekdays left were uneventful.

All my joints, from my neck to my knees, were stiff and painful and after 40 minutes, I had to get off from that table. I see the radiation oncologist each Tuesday so I saw him and went back to the padded table for another jab at the radiation machine.

Today is Saturday and I’m finally getting to spend the day in bed and only getting up to cook breakfast and dinner for the kids.

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