9 of 20

I am glad tomorrow is Friday. I need the weekend break I get from 5 day a week radiation.

A week ago, I thought I’d sail through the 20 treatments planned with no major side effects. I was more fatigued than normal, but nothing a full night of sleep couldn’t cure.

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My boob skin looked great — normal — no discoloration, no peeling and best of all, no pain. A week later, I can’t say the same.

My boob feels heavy and warmer than normal. There’s an itch I can’t scratch, and there’s low-key pain… like it’s peeping at me, thinking I don’t see (feel) it, but I do.

I’ve been applying copious amounts of moisturizer, several times a day. I bought several tubes of Boiron Calendula cream a month ago, once I decided I would go ahead with radiation. I’ve also been generous with chamomile and turmeric butter. Plus the radiation oncologist gave me a tube of something designed specifically for radiation.

I am thinking next week will be rough on my boob skin and the final week will be even worse. Prayers are needed.

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