Radiation begins

I just came back home after my first radiation appointment.

I will be going in each weekday for 1 month for a total of 20 treatments.

I felt nothing during the 30 minute process but my arms and rib cage being tired of being in the same position for 30+ minutes.

The radiation oncologist did warn me of fatigue following radiation treatments, and I thought I’d be ok but I am now 30 minutes post appointment and I am ready to go to sleep. I still feel nothing on the targeted boob, other that the same sensations I’ve felt since the lumpectomy in November.

I have managed to maintain the schedule set at new job so far. Only have to take 6 hours for PTO. I was lucky that my request to have the radiation appointments be set up before work was accommodated. I’ll be going in at 8 a.m. and hopefully done by 8:30 so I can log in to work at 9 a.m.

I just hope the fatigue wont get me tomorrow and in subsequent days since I’ll have had (hopefully) a good night’s rest.

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