Getting back to normalcy

I haven’t worked all week since Monday’s lumpectomy, even though I work from home, taking calls and listening to customers complain about the most mundane things. Ever since my DCIS diagnosis, I am even more flabbergasted at some of the little things that set people off and I get jealous that these are the things they worry about.

But I digress.

Today, I decided to get up and try working a bit. I didn’t have to talk with anyone, thankfully. I was just listening to customer recordings and doing what needs to be done to ensure they remain customers (I know that’s vague, but I signed a privacy contract with a client).

Anyway, it’s 5 hours in, with two 30 minute breaks, and I am as sore as a pincushion.

I left my mama’s home, where she and my sister had waited on me hand and foot for three days, last night. I had to leave since my kiddos wanted to come to me (they were staying with their dad since they left school Monday), and they prefer staying in their own bedrooms with access to their video games and computers.

What’s left of my meal tonight.

Today, I also managed to make my kids a simple meal consisting of air fried French fries, chicken wings and finely chopped red cabbage I made over the stove and seasoned with curry powder, salt and onions. Since I am trying (emphasis) to limit my animal product consumption, I made myself some red beans smothered in turmeric powder and had it with the red cabbage. I’ve been a meat eater all my life so I couldn’t resist ‘tasting’ the ‘flat’ part of one wing.

I find that I feel guilty each time I put meat in my mouth, even if it’s just chicken. Before my diagnosis, I used to eat beef burgers at least once a week and some kind of steak also once a week. Not anymore. It’s like the big C just knocks taste right off, especially since they say red meat increases ones risk for the disease.

Still, through my research, I have found that vegetarians and vegans also get the big C, so do we really know why any of us are diagnosed?

I digress again. I was supposed to only write about getting back to normalcy, as much as possible.

Apart from sitting at my desk working, as well as cooking a bit today, I managed to drive my oldest child to and from dance rehearsals two miles from our apartment.

I am proud I was able to do what I did today, even though I didn’t manage to get on the treadmill as I wanted. That will have to be tackled on another day, God willing.

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