The fog has lifted

It’s three days since my lumpectomy and physically, I feel so much better. I was super duper sore the first two days so I took the pain meds prescribed every four hours, like clockwork. Downside is that I’ve been pretty much high on opioids for three days.

Today, however, I am clear minded. I haven’t had to take a dose since 2 a.m. and it’s almost midday now.

I feel and hope that I am now cancer-free. I have been praying that the lumpectomy removed any killer cells that may have developed in my body.

I’ve been reading a lot about my diagnosis while laying in bed. The doctors call it DCIS, high grade, which they say has a very high survival rate of 98% and more. The high grade part is what worries me because it apparently means that these killers cells grow and multiply fast.

My mind has been on a ‘blood infection’ diagnosed in July while I was out of the country. It was such a random diagnosis, one I’ve never had before, that it keeps nagging me. I was prescribed antibiotics for it and I was better in 3 days. It presented with a fever, chills and a headache. Plus I was having a hard time breathing at the time.

Because I am reading a lot about mets, even though doctors say my lymph nodes are clear, I wonder about these bad cells traveling through my blood to other areas of my body. I want to remain positive and not give credence to these thoughts but sometimes it’s hard.

I am working on maintaining faith that prayer and medicine has led me to being cancer free this week.

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