Got a date!

Not that kind, hehe!

It took a whole week but I finally got a date for my surgery. It takes place one month after my diagnosis.

As I said I would do on my last post, I spent almost 40 minutes yesterday, Friday, making calls to the cancer center where I am receiving treatment, holding and being transferred to someone to handle my complaint about Kim not returning my calls to schedule my surgery. I finally got the number and got transferred to the office manager. But I decided to hang up and try Kim one more time and this time, she picked up!

I am looking forward to having this part of me that could kill me cut out. And my hope and prayer is that it’s the only part of my body with bad cells.

I don’t know what the future holds but I know that my God is mighty. I continue to ask him to continue guiding the doctor’s treating me and others in similar situations. That the knowledge the doctors have amassed be used to help us, even as we continue to struggle with having the kind of faith it takes to get a completely supernatural healing.

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