Finally! Easing my worries

Talk about having a tense day. Better yet. Having a few tense 5 days.

I had my first meeting with my oncologist and his team today as well as with the team of radiology doctors who will work with me should my pathology results come back with a need for radiology treatment. I have been told that the way things look now, I most likely will not need chemotherapy.

I must say, this group of professionals eased a lot of my worries.

I am still learning the cancer lingo, but the doctors said this invading marauder is at stage 0. They also described it as non- invasive, ductal carcinoma in situ, which they said means it’s sitting in its original place and hasn’t grown beyond the milk duct it’s sitting in.

The oncologist showed me my mammography pictures and where the marauder is — I am thankful and I am praising God that it’s small compared to the mass of the breast. He described it as a few grains of salt.

I am super thankful also that the breast imaging experts I saw on Oct. 1, who looked at my mammogram actually saw this abnormality. When they say that early detection saves lives, it’s not an exaggeration.

I’ve always been very aware of the push for early detection in October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I’ve walked in numerous local American Cancer Society October walks where pink is queen and cancer slayers congregate to raise funds for research. I hope that push continues and that wherever the funds end up, they do good.

Next for me is a chest/breast MRI later this week. Hope I can overcome my claustrophobia without the need for anti-anxiety medication (I was told ativan can be administered).

Next will be genetic testing and counseling, next week, to determining if something in my genes caused this, although I am the first person in my family to be diagnosed with breast cancer.

Depending on the genetics revelation, surgery will come next, most likely a lumpectomy. Should the gene testing come back with cancer causing genes, I could opt for a mastectomy. It’s a wait and see game.

For now though, I am thankful to finally have some answers — this cancer will probably not kill me, says the doctor. For the first time in 5 nights, I will finally be able to sleep on my left side again without fear of squishing the marauder out of its duct (rational thinking is out the window).

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