Body like Serena

I recently ordered 30-lb free weights.

Towards the end of summer 2019, I really wanted to finally be successful as losing weight and getting stronger, but I feared that I would get lose skin. I remember talking with my siblings and mother and expressing my thoughts and fears.

My older sister, who is a fitness professional, encouraged me to go for it. It is totally possible to get a body like Serena Williams, the well-known tennis pro.

I decided the best way to realize success was to publicize what I was doing to people I know by blogging and video taping my progress. I wanted to replace the fat in my body with muscle. But first, I had to make sure I looked decent so I wouldn’t embarrass my mom. I am the kind of girl that goes to the gym looking like a hobo.

  • My unused phone stand.

So in September I ordered some workout clothes, shoes, a used treadmill and even a phone stand so I could easily video my progress. I was all set to begin after I was done with my doctor’s appointments and annual physicals.

So here I am with over $300 worth of gear that I may never use. I am hoping my prognosis is good on Tuesday so I can still look forward to using everything I ordered once I begin to feel better after surgery, chemo, radiation and whatever else my treatment calls for.

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